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Legacy Campaign

Friendship Circle is unlike any other special needs organization. The friendships and opportunities created at Friendship Circle of Michigan have made an impact on thousands of individuals with special needs throughout Metro Detroit and has inspired the creation of 88 Friendship Circle locations around the world.

The sections below provide more information about Friendship Circle’s Legacy Society and how you can leave a gift that will help Friendship Circle continue its special mission. Consider making a legacy gift today and build an everlasting legacy with Friendship Circle.

For 25 years, Friendship Circle has impacted thousands of lives in Metro Detroit by providing friendships to people with disabilities and their families. Today we ask for your support in guaranteeing the viability and perpetuity of Friendship Circle.

Forever Friendship is an endowment fund that will grow impact by growing itself. Through the numerous opportunities to give, Friendship Circle will continue to operate and further its programming. As we continue our mission into the next 25 years, we invite you to join us in providing forever friendship for future generations.

Friendship Scholarship

Friendship Scholarships provide children with special needs the opportunity to develop friendships through participation in Friendship Circle's 40 weekly programs.

Lessons For Life

Lessons for Life provides the opportunity for special education students to learn and practice life skills in a realistic, safe and controlled environment through...

Soul Projects

Soul Projects provide vocational training and employment opportunities for adults with special needs at Friendship Circle’s Farber Soul Center.

Friendship House

The Daniel B. Sobel Friendship House is a lifeline to hundreds of individuals and families struggling with isolation, addiction, and other life crises.


The UMatter program operates on a peer-to-peer model of teenagers helping their peers overcome mental health stigmas, challenges, and crises.

Building Endowment

The building endowment fund is dedicated to keeping Friendship Circle’s buildings safe, maintained, updated, and beautiful for all visitors.

Renovation & Expansion

The renovation and expansion project is transformational renovation to offer expanded and upgraded programming at Friendship Circle’s Meer Family Friendship Center.


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Legacy donors

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