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UMatter is built upon Friendship Circle’s mission and the idea that none of us are complete unless all of us are included. The UMatter message is twofold: you, as a person, matter unconditionally, and you, as a person, matter to someone else. Through our programming, UMatter empowers teens to support their peers that are struggling with isolation, and teaches individuals that there is strength in seeking help. UMatter operates within the Friendship Circle family and is led by the Director of Lifetown Programs, Rabbi Yarden Blumstein. After recognizing a need for a larger discussion about mental health in the Metro Detroit community, Friendship Circle created a Teen Board to work on projects that would go on to create an atmosphere of inclusion within the community.

UMatter aims to create a safe, positive environment where teens are able to open up about their own mental health and grow with their peers. UMatter operates on a peer-to-peer model of teens helping their peers overcome stigmas and other obstacles related to mental health.

“The very fact that you are here, in this place, at this time and with these opportunities available to you, means that there is something to be done - something that only you can do, something of utmost importance to G-d.”

- The Rebbe
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