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Our Staff


Our staff is devoted to Friendship Circle’s mission of love, friendship and inclusion!

Meet Our Staff:

Josh White

Wholesale & Production Manager

Rachel Waynick

Sales Catering Manager

Epic Kosher Catering

Erin Berry

Program Manager

(248) 788-7878 ext. 229
Yarden Blumstein

Teen Director

(248) 788-8888 ext. 208
Suzanne Burchill

Finance and Compliance Manager

(248) 788-7878 ext. 243
Joel Cottrell


Marc Fougner

Building Maintenance

Vania Cunha

Vocational Trainer

Benny Greenwald

Friendship House Rabbi

(248) 788-8888
Molly Goldman

Teen Volunteer Coordinator

(248) 788-7878
Katie Radin

Facilitating Artist

Courtney Jones

UMatter Teen Coordinator

Caitlin Cartwright

Community Project Coordinator

Erin McConnell


Nadia Marinova

Marketing Director

Julie Newcombe

Executive Assistant to the Director

(248) 788-7878 ext. 214
Mia Serafini

Soul Program Coordinator

Erin Murphy

Program Manager

(248) 788-7878 ext. 209
Jon Mietling

Graphics Designer & Digital Developer

Shelby Morrow

Educational Director

(248) 788-7878 ext. 400
Sydney Wharram

Facilitating Artist

Bassie Shemtov


Levi Shemtov

Executive Director

Mendel Shemtov

Adult Volunteer Coordinator

(248) 788-7878 ext. 210
Shayna Shemtov

Adult Volunteer Coordinator

(248) 788-7878 ext. 207
Cheskel Stein

Building Director

(248) 788-7878 ext. 203
Courtney Stearley

Front Desk Receptionist

(248) 788-7878
Donna Stephens

Bookkeeping Assistant

(248) 788-7878 ext. 204
Paige Hernreich

Facilitating Artist

Catherine Brieden

Facilitating Artist

Gabriela Garballo

Social Media Manager

Taylor Jacobs

Facilitating Artist

Steve Horowitz


Randall Marie Hutchinson

Development and Grants Manager

(248) 788-7878 Ext. 213
Fallon Dudek

Cafe Manager

Madeline Kahl

Assistant to Rabbi Yarden Blumstein

Liza Kue

Graphic Designer

Elisabeth Lockwood

Soul Studio Manager

(248) 788-7878 ext 405
Shalom Shomer

Director of Food Operations

FOR MEDIA INQUIRIES please contact Nadia [email protected]

Partners& Supporters

Friendship Circle is grateful for the companies and organizations that make our programs possible.