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Welcome to Rubin Family Summer Camp, where connections flourish and memories are made. Choose from our children's Day Camp, the perfect blend of fun and learning, or dive into the adventure of our children's Overnight Camp. Join us for a summer of laughter, friendship, and unforgettable experiences!

If you have any questions about our summer camps, please email [email protected]



Day Camp: 

Step into the world of Friendship Circle Day Camp, where kids embark on a summer of excitement and camaraderie. Our program combines engaging social and learning activities, thrilling field trips, and the joy of making new friends. From hands-on learning to unforgettable adventures, every day is a chance for your child to create lasting memories and embrace the spirit of summer fun!

Dates:  Session 1 June 17-June 28 $850 l Session 2 July 1 - July 12  $850 | Session 3 July 15 - July 19 $425  Ages: 6-17

For any questions please email [email protected]

Overnight Camp: 

Dive into the adventure at Overnight Summer Camp at Northstar Reach. Nestled in the beauty of nature, our camp offers a thrilling array of activities, including swimming, paddleboarding, arts and crafts, games, and even a talent show to showcase hidden talents. Here, friendships are forged around the campfire, and memories are made under the starlit sky. Join us for a summer of exploration, camaraderie, and a multitude of experiences that create lasting bonds!

Dates:  Session 1 July 29-August 2 $900 l Session 2 August 5-August 9 $900. Ages: 6-17

For any questions please email [email protected]

Scholarship Opportunities: 

For any scholarship inquiries please fill out the "The Shay Ziff Sends a Kid to Camp" Scholarship Application