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Give the Gift of Friendship

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The Patron Circle includes approximately 160 families that generously donate a total annual contribution of $1800 or more. We are grateful for their financial commitment that demonstrates their dedication to the organization’s purpose and mission. To celebrate and thank the Patron Circle members, each year we honor them at our Gala. There are many ways to give throughout the year to accumulate a total contribution of at least $1800. Examples include: Walk4Friendship, Scholarship Donations, End-of-Year Campaign, and Tributes. Please consider joining our Patron Circle by making a total annual gift of $1800+, and help us reach our goal of 200 participating families.

GOAL: $$1,800

Per famility

Give the gift of creativity. A gift of $100,000 will enable an artist to develop their creative talents in perpetuity. Dedicate one or more of the 80 available Soul Scholarships in honor of a loved one and receive personal progress reports on the artist who is benefiting from your generous gift.

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The Story: The Wendrow Family

“Friendship Circle has become woven into the fabric of our daily life. I cannot imagine our lives – or our community – without it.”
- Wendrow Family, Soul Studio

Aislinn, who is non-verbal and has Autism, has been part of the Friendship Circle family since the earliest days; she was 4 when her parents first brought her to the Sunday drop-in program for two hours of social engagement each week.

As services began to expand, Aislinn participated in a few programs each year, among them cooking, dance, running, and an annual teen trip to Cedar Point. Friendship Circle became a second home for Aislinn’s entire family. Still, Aislinn’s parents worried about her future. What would happen when Aislinn finished school? Would she be home all day with nothing to do?

“We did not know what was inside of Aislinn, how she would express herself, or how to help her tap into it.,” Tali says.

The Wendrows were delighted when Friendship Circle invited Aislinn into a pilot art program for young adults with special needs. That pilot became the catalyst for the Soul Studio Art Program.

Today, 22 years later, Aislinn has found a way to express herself through art. She has created beautiful, vibrant paintings and weavings that have been featured during Soul Studio exhibits. Along the way, Aislinn has developed meaningful friendships with other artists and volunteers.

“She is much more confident and comfortable in her own skin,” Tali says proudly. “Art connects her to other people. The Soul Studio has opened the floodgates to Aislinn’s creativity.”

-Wendrow Family, Soul Studio

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Forever Thank You!

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, the Friendship Circle is able to fund programs that service over 3,000 individuals!