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Melanie Barnett
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Get Up and Move: Keep Your Child Active While at Home

Social distancing by staying home doesn’t have to mean laying in bed or on the couch glued to a screen all day. There are many benefits to staying active and moving your body regularly. Help your child to feel happier, sleep better and improve their mood.

Check out these strategies for keeping your child active and exercising throughout the day.

Activities that don’t feel like exercise

The easiest way to encourage your child to get moving on their own is to find activities involving movement that your child already enjoys. For example, most kids don’t consider jumping on a trampoline exercise, but it activates multiple muscle groups. For safety concerns, look into smaller trampolines with hand-rails. 

Virtual movement programming

Friendship Circle Goes Virtual offers free virtual programs for individuals with special needs and their families. Join the Facebook group to find movement programs happening each day Sunday-Friday including karate, tai-chi, yoga, dancing, stretching and more. 

Incorporate into your family’s routine

Staying active is most fun when the whole family is involved. Start taking family walks after dinner, play catch or ride bikes together. Find activities to stay active indoors when the weather is bad like games, jumping jacks or stretching. 

Games that encourage movement

Playing games is a great way to get your child up and moving without feeling like they’re exercising. Playing charades, twister or a variety of board games can keep your child active and entertained for hours. Check out this list of games that can help your child get up and move.

WRITTEN ON January 15, 2021 BY:

Melanie Barnett