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Soul Gallery

Creative Space for Adults With Special Needs

In our gallery, dedicated in memory of Burton and Gerry Rissman, we curate exhibitions and produce products by selecting the artwork that best represents the artist and the studio. We curate 3-4 exhibitions a year in the Soul Gallery, and produce and participate in several exhibitions at outside institutions open to the general public. Exhibiting artwork gives each artist the chance to see the public’s reaction to their creative productions and provides them opportunities to speak about their artistic process to visiting audiences. Artists receive a commission from all sales of original artwork and a one time artwork recreation fee for images used on products.

Current Exhibition:


May 2nd

Previous Exhibitions:

Soul Gallery only features work of Soul Artists

Soul Studio serves adult artists with special needs who are interested in exploring their creativity. We require no previous art experience,only a desire to attend the studio program and a willingness to engage in the art making processes. Participation in the program is determined on a case by case basis. There is a fee to attend our program (listed below) but scholarships and reduced pricing are available, determined through conversation with our staff.

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