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Dresner Foundation Soul Studio

Creative Space for Adults With Special Needs

Soul Studio is a supported art studio program with an open studio space and gallery for adults, 18 years or older with special needs in West Bloomfield, Michigan. Through educational programming driven by each artist’s creative impulses, participants are supported in a variety of art media including: painting, drawing, ceramics, weaving, sculpture, woodworking, photography, and digital arts, and are inspired to develop careers as contemporary artists.

Soul Studio was launched in 2016, inside the Friendship Circle Farber Center, which also house the Soul Cafe, and an event space,all of which provide a loving and inclusive environment that encourages artistic self-expression, vocational training, and employment opportunities to adults with special needs.

How to get started at Soul Studio?

Dresner Foundation Soul Studio serves adult artists with special needs who are interested in exploring their creativity. We require no previous art experience, only a desire to attend the studio program and a willingness to engage in the art making processes. Participation in the program is determined on a case by case basis. There is a fee to attend our program (listed below) but scholarships and reduced pricing are available, determined through conversation with our staff.



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